Where do I even start? I cannot believe it but it has been 3 years since I was blogging my days, weeks and months away when I was on my journey in 2014.. a year which I learnt so much and looked my best and lost 37kg! I often ask myself what the f@#% was I thinking when I turned to my old ways… because guess where I am now… back to being overweight (heavier than ever), tired, self conscious and unhealthy… not selling it very well am I?

Focusing on a diet or a ‘lifestyle’ as I like to call it has been the hardest thing I have ever done, for some reason I really struggle sticking to a way that is A BILLION times better for me both in the present and in the future. Why why why why I continue to ask myself everytime that burger hits the lips or that chemical-laden coke hits the back of my throat… who told me this is a good way of eating? MY STUPID ASS BRAIN “oh Jesse look at that delish new burger there you totally need to try it so you don’t get FOMO” ugh it seems ridiculous right?

What do I put my lack of commitment down too?… time management, time is my worst enemy as I lead a pretty busy life. By day I work a full time job in government, by night I work on my own company Flux Lab designing websites and by the weekend I help run a souvenir business with mum… yeah I know what the freaking hell am I doing to myself? Well one thing I love is business and that is both a good and bad thing, the good being is I am doing something I love and this is great for my mental wellbeing.. the bad is that my time literally zooms past and what happens when you don’t have time? Convenient foods become your best friend and your worst enemy.

So what can you expect from me? Well random blogs about me, my struggles, my triumphs and a whole lot of funny shit in between. One thing I cherish is the amount of support I have on my Facebook page, its this support that gets me up and going when I really don’t want too.. so thank you <3.

Until next time,

Oh and before you ask.. those beautiful humans are my biggest supporters Sara and Elora from 10 Week Challenge!