Monday you are coming up faster than I expected but I am glad you are almost here.

Thanks to the amazing team at 10 Week Challenge and Keto Reset I have been invited to launch into my new journey will one of their 30-day programs, this means not only do I get a full set of recipes and meal plans I will also have some amazing support to kick my a into g! I work with Elora and Sara as their website manager so I kind of already know the gist of the program but of course, I have never actually tried Keto Reset… I am excited as there is constant amazing feedback.

One thing I love is that there is a private Facebook group where all the participants share information and help each other along the way, of course you have the coaches too.

How am I preparing? 
Hahhaha.. well I have a whole weekend to prepare but as I mentioned in my last blog post I have been preparing for Monday for a long time. What I do to prepare is I take everything OFFLINE… whaaaat I know, I also live on my phone and computer but I find it much easier to have hard copies of things so it sits there and stares me down. I bought a clear file from Kmart (heaven on earth) and some sticky notes so I can make notes where I please.

Keto Reset is based online so everything is there when you need it, its great for when I will be shopping so I can log in a double check if I have everything for the week!

The team at Keto Reset have also provided me with some fantastic tips and tricks also to help me along the way.

Am I worried?
Yeah I would say I am a little nervous, it is a HUGE change for me and I know the first week or so is going to be quite the struggle. I eat quite a lot of sugar at the moment and to go from quite a lot to not much at all my body is not going to be a happy chappy!

Weigh in and Measurements
I will be doing these on Monday morning and will be publishing my initial stats in the first couple of days of next week!

Thanks for all your amazing support so far, I really appreciate it 🙂

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