So before I get into my doom and gloom I just wanted to say that day one of Keto Reset has actually been better than expected, I can tell my mental preparation along with my time preparation has helped immensely. This morning for breakfast I had spinach, two eggs, two slices of nitrate free bacon and half an avo and for lunch I had a chicken salad… surprisingly I am full and don’t think I will need dinner until about 6pm when usually I am a starving Sally at 5pm.

So.. the doom and gloom (I am being slightly dramatic)

Today was weigh in day for me along with my measurements… and what a shock it was. I have put on 20kg in the past 6 months and I have no one to blame for that but myself, it was a shock though and it did make me quite upset. I was not expecting it at all and maybe thought I had put on about 5kg, boy was I wrong! Although I spent about half an hour laying in bed being dramatic it did give me time to think, I realised that this is literally the moment where I turn my life around both for mental and physical health.

I am morbidly obese and have everything to show for it, I struggle to buy clothes that fit me and I always have to shop in the ‘fat’ section of major department stores. This makes me feel shit everytime I visit these stores as I see the quality of fashion in the ‘normal’ section and then get dumped with some pretty average looking clothes. I do consider myself to enjoy looking trendy and modern but I am very limited with what I can buy. I look forward to the day I can walk into any store and they will have my size.

So you are probably wondering how much, I was not sure if I wanted to share but I think it will help me become accountable. So I weighed in today at 172.1kg/379lbs (ugh) it is by far the heaviest I have ever been, the last time I lost weight I weighed 155kg if I remember correctly… BUT I am positive now and I have some goals to work towards, I am off to Bali in 44 days so that is most definitely an encouragement.

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