So one thing I have decided to do is make some goals, now there is quite a difference between an end goal and step goals. I want to make sure I focus more on step goals, these are goals that are stepping stones to my end goal of being 100kg or less. This is mainly because losing so much weight seems like such a big number and I do not want to be under pressure from that big number.

Luckily I have the support of some pretty awesome people, Elora and Sara from The Shrinking Violet and I have worked with these beautiful humans for the past 3 years with their online businesses (I am a website designer) so I have seen the in’s and out’s of what they do and how they support people, for me it has always inspired me and both Elora and Sara have always encouraged me and supported me even when I was at my lowest points.

I have made some goals for this year and also for the future! I am not trying to put pressure on myself too hard but I work well with goals and I always strive to achieve them:


  • By mid September 2018 I want to have lost 10kg
  • By October 2018 I want to have lost 15kg
  • By December 2018 I want to have lost 25kg
  • By January 2019 I want to have lost 30kg
  • By March 2019 I want to have lost 40kg
  • By May 2019 I want to have lost 50kg


  • To stick to the ‘paleo approved foods’ 90% of the time
  • To plan a week in advance for what food I will be eating
  • Shop no more than twice a week

90% of the time? I want to allow a few treats here like alcohol but only for very special occasions.