About Me

Welcome to my blog.

My name is Jesse Evenblij and I live in the city of Wellington, New Zealand but I am a born and raised Cantabrian. I work in fraud investigation for the government and also run my own part time web design company Flux Lab. I am a busy lad but business is my passion so it doesn’t always seem like work to me, this does mean my time is limited but I am committed to prioritising my health.

I come from a classic kiwi background full of sweets, chips, takeaways and processed foods which has led to a pretty shitty relationship with food, one that has led me to become overweight and very unhealthy. It is hard to explain a relationship with food when something feels so normal to you.. but I do remember a time when it really did start to take a turn for the worst… working, this is when I started to be paid my own money and able to spend it wherever I chose too. Being a classic teenager it went straight on takeaways, energy drinks and snack foods… you name it I have probably tried it!

I tried everything to overcome being obese, every commercial diet under the sun (Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Choens etc) and then the alternative diets like the cabbage diet (literally cannot eat cabbage to this day) and the juice diet (hungriest I have ever been)… one thing all these diets have in common is that they are not lifestyles, they are short and sharp solutions which most of the time are really just made to make money. I have wasted hundreds if not thousands on these diets with nothing to show for it.

Then I found Paleo, which at the time was quite a new way of eating but it was more focused on being a lifestyle rather than a diet, meaning its a long term solution not a short one. I was introduced to Paleo by my now one of my best friends Elora Harre from The Shrinking Violet and when I joined her Facebook page in 2013 when she only had about 5000 followers. Elora had only been going for about 9 months when I joined her page but she was well on her way to amazing success… it really inspired me to the point when I created The Paleo Kiwi.

During 2014 when I started my ‘first journey’ I learnt alot from Elora and the ‘Paleo Community’ and really had finally found something that worked for me, nothing else had before so it was an incredible feeling. I lost 37kg in 2014 which is by far this biggest achievement in my life, I put this success down to the support I received from friends, family and you guys on my social media and my blog but also to my dedication and commitment to getting healthy again.. but unfortunately it came to a grinding halt.

One thing that I know is the forefront of my success is preparation and time management, September 2014 is when this all turned to shit. I decided it was time for a holiday so myself and one of my best friends Sam travelled to Bali for a 2 week holiday. I decided to let loose a bit and go off track of my normal day to day eating.. this was a bad decision. Although I planned to get right back into it when I returned from holiday… I did not and over the next few months into 2015 it piled back on. I have tried to restart a couple of times but everytime I just didn’t focus on the importance of preparation and time management… basically setting myself up to fail time and time again.

So 2017 is here and enough is really enough, this time I have spent hours preparing for Monday the 6th of November when it all kicks of again. I cannot say I will or have been perfect but something feels different this time and I am excited for the future.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog, it means the world.

Jesse 🙂